a little printable christmas help

1 year ago

a little printable christmas help

It’s been a really challenging Christmas for my online shops due to the Royal Mail strikes. Orders that have previously taken a few days to arrive in peak season, have been taking weeks. I won’t sugar coat it, it’s been very stressful both for me and my lovely customers, who have been so patient and kind during the post delays (thank you btw!)

While there’s not much I can do to speed the post up, I decided to get creative with how to help my customers on Christmas Day and I came up with an idea. I’ve got your back if your order doesnt arrive in time!

I’ve made a free, printable gift card that is super easy to make so you still have something to give  while you’re waiting for delivery. I made a reel on my Instagram feed to show you the card design and how easy it is to make from a single piece of paper. It’s not ink heavy and will print really well on any printer. Even black & white if you don’t have a colour printer.

See my Instagram gift card video here

I’ve made the card in standard printer paper for both UK and US sizes too, so wherever you are, it’ll be really easy to make. Just drop me a message via my contact page and I’ll send you the printable file.

Merry Christmas!


Ps. I think it’s important to add that I wholly support the Postal workers striking to protect their jobs and the future of the letter post. C’mon the posties!



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